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Partner with the FACT Center

Our Strategic Partner Relationships

The Carver FACT Center is founded on Strategic Partner Relationships. Our Partners help us to leverage our technical expertise into business opportunities and we help them with solutions, training, exposure and sales opportunities. We depend on several categories of partners. They include:

  • Client Partners – These are clients who have an on-going relationship with Carver Consulting through our ON-CALL CONSULTANT PROGRAM. These partners form the foundation of our financial support and enjoy priority service for consulting, testing, training and product development services.
  • Equipment Partners – These are test and inspection equipment suppliers or owners of fastener test and inspection equipment who are willing to give or loan equipment to the Carver FACT Center. Our equipment partners station equipment at the FACT Center so we can use it in a training and service capacity to provide our students and clients with a hands-on learning experience. Our equipment partners are welcome to use the FACT Center as a strategic outpost for discrete sales and training events for their prospects and customers. An important mission of the Carver FACT Center is to encourage fastener suppliers to develop in-house capability for fastener inspection and testing. It is expected that we can help our equipment partners who are suppliers of equipment sell their equipment to fastener suppliers. Those fastener suppliers who station equipment at the Carver FACT Center enjoy free or greatly reduced costs for test inspection and training services.
  • Technical Expert Partners – These are our consulting colleagues, testing laboratories, manufacturers, materials suppliers and secondary processors who we turn to (and who turn to us) when a special need or problem arises that would benefit from collaboration. Click here for a list of our Technical Expert Partners.
  • Association Support Partners – These are our clients who see a need to stay abreast of the changes to specifications and standards that affect their products. They partner with us by funding our participation as members, activities in, or technical committee service in the several (ASTM, RCSC, ASME, AIAG, SAE, NACE, IFI, SME, ICC, ISO, ASM, ASQ, AISC, PWFA, NFDA, FTI) organizations that have an influence in the fastener world. Membership fees alone in these organizations is significant budget item for the FACT Center. There is also travel to the meetings and time spent in preparation and participation. Our Association Support Partners have a voice in these organizations through our participation in them when they cannot participate directly. Click here for our calendar of association activities and information on how you can become an Association Support Partner.