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The Carver Fastening Applications, Consulting and Training (FACT) Center is an extension of Carver Consulting. Our mission is to bring state of the art solutions to users and suppliers of fasteners. Our method is to combine our technical expertise and facility resources with strategic partnerships. Our partners include equipment providers (testing equipment and tooling), other consultants, our clients, associations, and academia. Our output is solutions that make our clients, our partners and our center more successful in their business and professional relationships throughout the fastener supply chain and to extend this success to the fastener using community. We are engaged in the business of offering fastening solutions and training to fastener suppliers, fastener users, product developers, organizations and associations with an interest in mechanical fastening.

Our Facility

We are located in a business and industrial center in El Cajon, California (just east of San Diego).  Our focus is to provide a shop floor learning environment, test lab, and engineering capability designed to cover all aspects of fastener usage and product development.

We have a 3800 sq. ft. shop, lab and office facility. Our shop includes the learning center, our CNC machine shop, welding areas and product test settings. Our lab provides space for torque-tension testing, hardness testing, dimensional inspection, special tests and inspections and small group hands-on learning. Our offices provide space for Engineering, CNC programming, Solid Modeling, Simulation, Quality Management Systems Development (internal and client) and of course, our business operations.

Questions about the FACT Center

Is the FACT Center affiliated with any other fastener company or organization?

The FACT Center is an offshoot of Carver Consulting. We are not a part of, or affiliated with any other companies or organizations, but we count many as our partners.

Is the FACT Center an accredited laboratory?

No, though we certainly acknowledge and appreciate the value of an accredited lab for solving certain kinds of problems. We have strategically decided to not pursue accreditation as we are not in competition with our accredited fastener lab friends and partners. Our QMS is in process of being registered to ISO 9001-2015 and AS 9100D, as soon as D hits the streets –early 2016.

As a FACT Center Partner, what kind of access do I have to the FACT Center?

The FACT Center is available to you for training, testing, inspection, failure analysis, product development, technical resources, and the various other areas of expertise we have to offer at greatly reduced rates. If you are an Equipment Partner we will conduct tests with your equipment on an occasional basis at no charge. If you are an Equipment Supplier Partner we will demonstrate your equipment to potential customers as requested and you are welcome to use the FACT Center to conduct your own sales demonstrations and training activities. If you are also an ON-CALL client, there is no cost for these services up to 10 hours per month not including costs such as materials, outside processing/lab work, additional instrumentation, shipping, etc. Basically, if it does not cost us anything it does not cost you anything. You are welcome to participate on your project at the center within the scope of our schedule and availability.

Who are your FACT Center Partners?

A partial list:

  • Skidmore Wilhelm
  • IPS
  • Western Fasteners
  • Cordova Bolt
  • Ababa Bolt
  • The Industrial Fasteners Institute
  • Greenslade and Company
  • Stelfast
  • Duncan Bolt
  • The Fastener Training Institute
  • The Pacific West Fastener Association

How do we become a FACT Center Partner?

Most of the scenarios are described in the Partner Links in the previous questions. We are always open to new models for partnering though.

Some areas that we are in need of partnership at the moment are:


A Tensile Test Machine Partner

I you have access to a surplus tensile test machine in any range, even if it needs some work we are interested.


Micro hardness Tester Partner

We are in need of at least two Vickers Micro Hardness set-ups, at least one with digital interface.

Mount and polish equipment and supplies are also needed. Used but function is fine for our applications.


Optical Comparator and Digital Microscope

We have 2 small digital comparators and a basic desktop microscope, but better equipment is needed.

A comparator with 10ths accuracy, edge detection and radius calculation is needed.